Easy tips and hacks for Healthy Hair Growth

Your desire to get healthy, thick, long hair will be fulfilled only when you take care of your hair properly and meet your needs like skin. Take these Easy Hair Care Tips and Make Hair Growth & Long and Strong:


Keep the following things in mind while shampooing the hair:

* If your hair is oily, leave it every day or one day and shampoo the next day.

* Normal hair can be shampooed at least three times a week.

Curly hair is usually dry and stiff, for which dry hair shampoo should be used twice a week.

* Shampoo with the fingers of the fingers in the hair. This eliminates the shit of hair and clears the scalp well.

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Hair oil

Like skin, hair needs nutrients and most of the oil massages are needed. So take the time for oil massage on one day a week.

Benefits of hair oiling

* Oil massage strengthens hair and strengthens hair faster.

* Applying oil regularly will make hair silky soft.

* Oil massage makes you feel relaxed. It also removes the stress.


Smart Tips for Applying Hair Oil

Coconut oil

Giving coconut oil i.e. coconut oil in a bowl, considering the length of the hair. Then heat it slightly by adding some curry. Now put it in the hair and slowly massage the scalp.

Olive oil

Mix an orange juice in 1/2 cup olive oil. Heat the mixture lightly and apply scalp massage with light hands and apply it in the hair. After 15-20 minutes wash the hair with a little water.

Baby oil

Sometimes Baby oil is also beneficial for hair. For this, blow 1 egg yellow well. When the foam begins to form, add 1 teaspoon baby oil in it and blow it for a while. Now mix the scalp with a little water in this mixture and apply it in the hair. Wash the hair after 20 minutes.


Homemade Hair Care

Hairpin makes hair in 15 days to give a soft and smooth touch to hair. If your hair is normal, then you can also apply for a month-long interval.

* If your hair has become stale and lifeless, then add the Almond and Jojoba Oil Hair Pack.

* You can apply sandal hair packs for normal hair.

* Put henna in hair 2-3 hours before washing hair. Men’s hair soft, strong and dense eyes appear.

* After shampoo, apply polythene clay in hair and wash hair after 1 hour. This is a great conditioner.


Make the conditioner in the hair after shampoo, especially when your hair is more stubborn. Yes, if your hair is oily then avoid using conditioner every day and if you are normal, you can use it every day or even after one day.

Hair serum

Use shampoo and conditioner hair to make hair shine. Instead of normal hair, it is more suitable for dry and curly hair. It breaks the hair too less.

Fashion Trends you have to rock in 2019

If you are thinking of updating your wardrobe even with the start of the new year fashion 2019, just read this down:

Puff Shoulders

Of course, the trend of big droppers is not new, but different from the padded, boxy this year, Puff Shoulders will be able to see more trends. Shuffle for office wires or wrap dress for night party, Puff sleeves will look good both. Even the sari’s blouse can get you stitched with such sleeves.


Earlier, where the sequins containing outfits were worn only in weddings, they have been caring for a glamorous look in these parties for some years. Sequins are part of the wardrobe of girls from short and midi dresses to top sarees. And due to the increasing demand, they are constantly experimenting. These trends are also hit and fit in jumpsuits and ni-length skirts.

Neon colors

Last year, most of the pastel colors were found in the back to back parties of bridegrooms, gowns, celebrities, and celebrities. Of course, pastel shades are stylish and comfy according to summer but this year they will replace Neon Colors. Neon Pink, Green, orange-like colors from wedding-party to Day outing and holidays will give you a perfect look.


Fringe Fashion also did a lot in Vadrob last year and its water is going to be retained this year too. Other accessories such as the bride’s brassiere or dupatta or party for dresses, boots and handbags, earrings. Fringe makes your overall look glamorous and stylish.

Fancy flats

Pencil heels and wedges have not been out of fashion, but this year, they are going to be the same in fashion. But in the wake of Comfort, the first choice of flats girls and ladies is becoming. Therefore, to make them fashionable, many experiments like T-slocks, ruffles, and beads are being made. Flats are Perfect Choices to keep the former maintain.

Tie and die

The fashion of tie and dye is hi-fi Yes, these outfits, which consist of two-three colors, focus on patterns of more colors than design. You can make them in your favorite colors too. He had a lot of demand for shirts, tops, and maxi dresses. Even in Mehndi and music, these brides were favored. Those who have full potential to stay in trend this year too.


Have a split skirt or dress, after wearing it, a different look appears. Last year, from celebrities to mango everybody did. But with the changing times, do not think that this trend is out. This year also they will keep their place like this. So be sure to shop for full outfits and carry out the praise of everyone.

Stylish shorts

Last year, Micro, Neo-length and Lose Shorts were part of the Fresh Outfits of Girls. Those holidays, parties were seen everywhere and this year also they are living in these trends. That’s because they are not only for the stylish look but also quite flexible. Keep on beach holidays or keep on tracking, in both places, your style is high.


¾ sleeves

Blouse or party dresses, ¾ sleeves give each one a completely different and special look. Also, such sleeves are also quite comfy, which you can easily carry in any season. With the net, brocade, and ruffle, such slaves will be placed in your look, four moons.

Hope you all gonna enjoy it! Please leave us your feedback below!

Finding Your Face Shape

Who knew that eyewear could make such a difference? But, it does. If you wear glasses, choosing the right frame for your face shape can show you in a strong light or just an obscure one. What type of face do you have?

Find Out Your Shape


There are actually seven of them: square, round, oval, oblong, diamond, triangle base side down and triangle base side up. Let’s review them.


Square: This face has pretty even dimensions all around. The face is just as wide as it is long. There is a strong forehead and an angular jaw. Your frame choice will soften the angles of the face and give it a rounder look.

Round: A round face is similar to square except it has no lines – just curves. It is actually quite full all over. You want frames that will make the face appear thinner and longer.

Oval: This is the desired face shape (if we all had a choice) because the entire face is in balanced proportions. The ideal frames will not change the perception of those proportions in any way.

Oblong: The face is longer than it is wide. The nose may actually be long as well. The idea for frames is to make the face appear shorter and wider.

Diamond: The face is narrow at the forehead and the chin with very high cheek bones. Frame choices will highlight the eyes and soften the angles of the chin, while minimizing the cheek bones.

Triangle base side down: This face is narrow at the eyes but wider at the jaw. Frames need to accent the eyes and add depth to the upper half of the face, while minimizing the jaw line.

Triangle base side up: Just the opposite of the one above, the face is narrow and angular at the chin but wider across the forehead and eyes. The idea for frames is to draw the attention to the lower half of the face while softening and minimizing the upper part.

Now that you know what shape your face is likely to be, here are a few tips about matching the frame to your face. This can save you the trouble of trying on every pair of glasses in the store to find the right one. You can narrow down your choices from the start.

* Choose colors that accent your eyes. They are the windows to the soul and the focus of your face. If you have blue eyes, consider a pair of blue frames.

* Choose a size for frames that is appropriate to your face. Don’t think of the little school boy who has glasses as big as window frames. Proportion is important if you want your eyewear to accentuate your personality.

* Contrast your frame shape with your facial shape. Round glasses on a round face just make it look, well, more round. Frames need to enhance, not detract.

Now it’s time to shop. You’ve zeroed in on your face shape and have a few tips on choosing frames.

Sunglasses Trends For Spring

When you wear sunglasses you want to be noticed for being in fashion. Just like prescription eye-wear, sunglasses can make a statement about you without saying a word.

Sunglasses give you a chance to sport your style. We all need them because they protect our delicate eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. So why not look stylish in the process? Know the trends so you will be today’s headline instead of yesterday’s news.

Styles in Sunglasses This Year

Image result for stock images spring sunglasses

Cat eyes have it: The cat eye look that was popular in the 50s and 60s is back. You can make a statement in so many ways. If you want to look famous, try the oversized look with decorative temple accents. You can also try lighter lenses and bolder colored frames, even two-toned frames that are wider and more oblong than the typical cat eye glasses. To go one even further, try the small round lenses with bold frame accents. Look demure, wild, or even innocent by playing around with shapes and colors.

Round glasses: You can’t go wrong with small, round lenses. It is the classic look. Vary the type of temple and frame accents to get just the right look for your face.

Sporty sunglasses: Everyone wants to look like they were a born sportsman. Whether you are sunning on the beach or on a boat, look the part with these frames. In the sport line, go for a sleeker look that catches the eye. Since bold color is the order of the day, experiment with something other than black as your signature look.

Image result for stock images spring sunglasses

Gradient hues: You know the glasses. They were smoky looking at the top but gradually got lighter at the bottom. But you don’t have to wear the big, round frames of the 70s to pull off this look. Gradient hues look good at a professional event or when having fun in the sun. As far as sunglass fashion goes, they are considered on the conservative side.

Contrasting colors: Just because you are wearing sunglasses doesn’t mean you have to look like a member of MIB. Experiment with different colors for lenses and frames. Try bold-colored frames with lighter colored lenses. Or, switch it around and try dark lenses with dazzling bejeweled frames. Play with it to discover the style you want to portray.

Change shape: These are sunglasses we are talking about. You can stick with the oblong or rectangular frames or step out of the box and go for heart-shape frames or more angular asymmetric shapes.

Show your attitude. Let your other side come through in the sunglasses you choose to wear during spring and summer this year.

How To Get A Smoky Eye Look With Your Make-Up

One of the looks that are all the rage this spring is the smoky eye. It adds both depth and mystery to your eyes. After all, they are the windows to the soul.

There are many ways to do it. You don’t have to be as dramatic as a runway model – unless you want to. Here are some make-up tips for you when it comes to mimicking this effect.

If you are going to use the smoky eye effect, you don’t want to pull attention away from your peepers. So, tone down your lipstick and blush to keep the focus on your baby blues or browns. It will also balance your face and keep you from looking clownish.

Applying Your Eye color

The smoky effect is just that – an effect. You can use a variety of different colors to pull it off. Let’s begin with make-up for day wear. You wouldn’t show up at the office with bright yellow or orange shadow on your eyes. You can still have the smoky look but keep it toned down so it’s appropriate for a professional setting.

Image result for stock image smoky eye


Darker colors of eye shadow like gray,brown,violet and black are great for day wear. Choose that color and apply it to your lid. Be sure to carry the color past the outer edge of your eyelid. A swath of the same color is then applied below the lower lid close to the eyelash line. Since you are at work, there is no need to smudge the lower color. Keep it neat.

Apply your eye liner. For day look, use a liquid liner in an equally dark color like black or brown. Lift the liner pen upward as you reach the outer edge of the upper lid to create a wing. Don’t forget the lower lid. Liquid liner is easier to use for this. You can get clean lines that look great in the office.

Image result for stock image smoky eye


Complete the effect with your mascara. Separate every lash so your eyes seem to “pop” and capture the attention of everyone watching them.

How about turning that look around for a night out on the town? You can ramp it up if you choose. Bold colors are in so choose a tangerine or a brilliant blue for your smoky effect. Smudge your color to blend it in and deepen the effect.

You can stick with a dark liner or contrast with another color. A pencil liner can be used if you prefer it over a liquid liner. Blend as you wish before applying your mascara. Again, set those lashes at attention to enhance the look.

Want to leave them guessing what’s behind your look at the office and on the dance floor? Try using the smoky eye effect with your make-up.

Acne And Make-up


Choose only oil-free makeup products that match your skin tone.Oil-free is the key success  so read the labels carefully . You don’t want to aggravate your existing acne problem by layering a fresh coat of oil on skin that already has too much to begin with.

closeup portrait of woman with clean skin holding portrait with pimpled skin

Right…so your acne medication promises 10 days fast result, but you’ve got to face the world today. What can we do over the proceeding period before the acne goes off?

Well all you need is to know some creative acne makeup concealing tips to make you look your best.

But remember — Makeup conceals acne, it doesn’t cure it!

But you already knew that, right? Using makeup to conceal acne isn’t difficult, but there are some rules that you should follow.

Your three acne hiding weapons will be a foundation , a concealer and a finishing powder. Stay away from the dollar-tree store and use only brand names that you can trust.

Choose only oil-free makeup products that match your skin tone. Oil-free is the key to success here so read the labels carefully. You don’t want to aggravate your existing acne problem by layering a fresh coat of oil on skin that already has too much to begin with. Choose a hypoallergenic brand while you’re at it.

If this is the first time that you are using a new brand, test the makeup applying small dabs to a spot under your jaw to see how your skin reacts. If you are going to have a problem you’ll know within an hour or so after applying it. Nothing’s worse than adding more blotches to an already colorful face.

Before you start

Wash your face with your normal face wash product and pat dry. Apply your acne medication cream per the instructions and let it dry thoroughly.

Image result for stock images acne

Start with the concealer

Apply the concealer in a light dabbing motion directly to any dark spot or red areas that the acne has left on your skin.Use a disposable facial sponge to blend the concealer in. Use the concealer sparingly. You can always apply more if you need it but you don’t want to layer it on too thickly. It will look terrible when it dries.

Next, apply the foundation as well and use a light dabbing motion here too. Blend the foundation with your disposable sponge and reapply to any areas that need it.

And the final touch

Apply a layer of the oil-free powder using a big makeup brush. This will take care of any shine that the acne concealer or foundation left and it will give you an even and finished look.

Trash the disposable sponges when you are through so you don’t transfer yesterday’s skin oil to tomorrow’s clean face!

Before you go to bed

Wash your face to remove all makeup, but preferably as soon as you can after you return home. You want your skin to breath fresh air as possible.