Fashion Trends you have to rock in 2019

If you are thinking of updating your wardrobe even with the start of the new year fashion 2019, just read this down:

Puff Shoulders

Of course, the trend of big droppers is not new, but different from the padded, boxy this year, Puff Shoulders will be able to see more trends. Shuffle for office wires or wrap dress for night party, Puff sleeves will look good both. Even the sari’s blouse can get you stitched with such sleeves.


Earlier, where the sequins containing outfits were worn only in weddings, they have been caring for a glamorous look in these parties for some years. Sequins are part of the wardrobe of girls from short and midi dresses to top sarees. And due to the increasing demand, they are constantly experimenting. These trends are also hit and fit in jumpsuits and ni-length skirts.

Neon colors

Last year, most of the pastel colors were found in the back to back parties of bridegrooms, gowns, celebrities, and celebrities. Of course, pastel shades are stylish and comfy according to summer but this year they will replace Neon Colors. Neon Pink, Green, orange-like colors from wedding-party to Day outing and holidays will give you a perfect look.


Fringe Fashion also did a lot in Vadrob last year and its water is going to be retained this year too. Other accessories such as the bride’s brassiere or dupatta or party for dresses, boots and handbags, earrings. Fringe makes your overall look glamorous and stylish.

Fancy flats

Pencil heels and wedges have not been out of fashion, but this year, they are going to be the same in fashion. But in the wake of Comfort, the first choice of flats girls and ladies is becoming. Therefore, to make them fashionable, many experiments like T-slocks, ruffles, and beads are being made. Flats are Perfect Choices to keep the former maintain.

Tie and die

The fashion of tie and dye is hi-fi Yes, these outfits, which consist of two-three colors, focus on patterns of more colors than design. You can make them in your favorite colors too. He had a lot of demand for shirts, tops, and maxi dresses. Even in Mehndi and music, these brides were favored. Those who have full potential to stay in trend this year too.


Have a split skirt or dress, after wearing it, a different look appears. Last year, from celebrities to mango everybody did. But with the changing times, do not think that this trend is out. This year also they will keep their place like this. So be sure to shop for full outfits and carry out the praise of everyone.

Stylish shorts

Last year, Micro, Neo-length and Lose Shorts were part of the Fresh Outfits of Girls. Those holidays, parties were seen everywhere and this year also they are living in these trends. That’s because they are not only for the stylish look but also quite flexible. Keep on beach holidays or keep on tracking, in both places, your style is high.


¾ sleeves

Blouse or party dresses, ¾ sleeves give each one a completely different and special look. Also, such sleeves are also quite comfy, which you can easily carry in any season. With the net, brocade, and ruffle, such slaves will be placed in your look, four moons.

Hope you all gonna enjoy it! Please leave us your feedback below!

Finding Your Face Shape

Who knew that eyewear could make such a difference? But, it does. If you wear glasses, choosing the right frame for your face shape can show you in a strong light or just an obscure one. What type of face do you have?

Find Out Your Shape


There are actually seven of them: square, round, oval, oblong, diamond, triangle base side down and triangle base side up. Let’s review them.


Square: This face has pretty even dimensions all around. The face is just as wide as it is long. There is a strong forehead and an angular jaw. Your frame choice will soften the angles of the face and give it a rounder look.

Round: A round face is similar to square except it has no lines – just curves. It is actually quite full all over. You want frames that will make the face appear thinner and longer.

Oval: This is the desired face shape (if we all had a choice) because the entire face is in balanced proportions. The ideal frames will not change the perception of those proportions in any way.

Oblong: The face is longer than it is wide. The nose may actually be long as well. The idea for frames is to make the face appear shorter and wider.

Diamond: The face is narrow at the forehead and the chin with very high cheek bones. Frame choices will highlight the eyes and soften the angles of the chin, while minimizing the cheek bones.

Triangle base side down: This face is narrow at the eyes but wider at the jaw. Frames need to accent the eyes and add depth to the upper half of the face, while minimizing the jaw line.

Triangle base side up: Just the opposite of the one above, the face is narrow and angular at the chin but wider across the forehead and eyes. The idea for frames is to draw the attention to the lower half of the face while softening and minimizing the upper part.

Now that you know what shape your face is likely to be, here are a few tips about matching the frame to your face. This can save you the trouble of trying on every pair of glasses in the store to find the right one. You can narrow down your choices from the start.

* Choose colors that accent your eyes. They are the windows to the soul and the focus of your face. If you have blue eyes, consider a pair of blue frames.

* Choose a size for frames that is appropriate to your face. Don’t think of the little school boy who has glasses as big as window frames. Proportion is important if you want your eyewear to accentuate your personality.

* Contrast your frame shape with your facial shape. Round glasses on a round face just make it look, well, more round. Frames need to enhance, not detract.

Now it’s time to shop. You’ve zeroed in on your face shape and have a few tips on choosing frames.

Sunglasses Trends For Spring

When you wear sunglasses you want to be noticed for being in fashion. Just like prescription eye-wear, sunglasses can make a statement about you without saying a word.

Sunglasses give you a chance to sport your style. We all need them because they protect our delicate eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. So why not look stylish in the process? Know the trends so you will be today’s headline instead of yesterday’s news.

Styles in Sunglasses This Year

Image result for stock images spring sunglasses

Cat eyes have it: The cat eye look that was popular in the 50s and 60s is back. You can make a statement in so many ways. If you want to look famous, try the oversized look with decorative temple accents. You can also try lighter lenses and bolder colored frames, even two-toned frames that are wider and more oblong than the typical cat eye glasses. To go one even further, try the small round lenses with bold frame accents. Look demure, wild, or even innocent by playing around with shapes and colors.

Round glasses: You can’t go wrong with small, round lenses. It is the classic look. Vary the type of temple and frame accents to get just the right look for your face.

Sporty sunglasses: Everyone wants to look like they were a born sportsman. Whether you are sunning on the beach or on a boat, look the part with these frames. In the sport line, go for a sleeker look that catches the eye. Since bold color is the order of the day, experiment with something other than black as your signature look.

Image result for stock images spring sunglasses

Gradient hues: You know the glasses. They were smoky looking at the top but gradually got lighter at the bottom. But you don’t have to wear the big, round frames of the 70s to pull off this look. Gradient hues look good at a professional event or when having fun in the sun. As far as sunglass fashion goes, they are considered on the conservative side.

Contrasting colors: Just because you are wearing sunglasses doesn’t mean you have to look like a member of MIB. Experiment with different colors for lenses and frames. Try bold-colored frames with lighter colored lenses. Or, switch it around and try dark lenses with dazzling bejeweled frames. Play with it to discover the style you want to portray.

Change shape: These are sunglasses we are talking about. You can stick with the oblong or rectangular frames or step out of the box and go for heart-shape frames or more angular asymmetric shapes.

Show your attitude. Let your other side come through in the sunglasses you choose to wear during spring and summer this year.

How To Stay Fashionable During Winter?

How To Stay Fashionable During Winter

One of the most difficult task for most fashionistas is to remain in style throughout different seasons. Too many people think it is pretty difficult to look their best when the winter begins to approach. Although it can take a little bit more effort and thoughts to still look as stylish as you desire during the coldest times, the good news is that it is possible. As long as you are open minded enough to try out a variety of new stuffs, and a few old stuffs in new ways, then you certainly shouldn’t find it too difficult looking your best as the temperature deepens. Here, we will discuss quite a few clothing tips that will keep warm during extremely cold times, as well as stand you out in as a stylish fashionista.

  • Start With Something Thin Under

The temptation normally is for people to just go on with thick clothes and jackets as a way to keep warn, but even that can potentially cause you discomfort if not done properly, hence, the need for something light underneath as a way to reduce the impact of the thick cloth. Apart from keeping you comfortable under a think cloth, the thin layer clothing also act as sweat dryers. You don’t want the already heavy thick clothes to get heavier from sweat, so the thin layered clothes act as the first stop for sweat. You don’t have to fear about fitness, because their position under other wears will make them too hidden to be seen by others.

  • Put On Thin, Tight Clothes

We’ll advice that you make this layer as clean and attractive as possible, since people are bound to see it. You can also let the event you are wearing it for probably define their exact looks. For example, if you are going to a professional environment, then a nice blouse or a cool shirt would put you in the best light to people. For sports activities, a polo should do. The goal here is to make sure that wherever you are wearing is the best fit for the situation, and most importantly, that you are comfortable enough in it. Consider color and designs too, because they can bring the extra life you want for your style if you are able to do it correctly.

  • Add A Sweater Or A Jacket

The importance of this, during winter cannot be overemphasized. Of course it is important to look your best, but it is also important to not put yourself in the danger of falling sick because of the extreme cold, hence the need for something thick to cover with. You know you can’t walk around with a duvet or a warmer, but a sweater can do the job of these for you, providing additional insulation and trap heat. People will definitely see this layer of clothing, so getting the best from your wardrobe shouldn’t be a bad idea. Make sure that the color and design you choose is complementing to your other dress materials. Remember that comfort is the watch word, so once you test it and discover that it creates discomfort, the next available action is to dump it for something more comfortable.

  • Wear HatNow’s the time to introduce some style to the mix, and your head is not a bad place to start from. The head is a sensitive part of the body that deserves warming. A hat will not only improve your look, but it will also protect your head from the wind. You can get a color that will match well with your other pieces of clothing and you’ll be please by how much greatness it will add to your look.
    • Get Gloves

    Your hand is an important part to keel warm. Because of the position of the hands and their functionality, it is often easy for intense temperatures to affect it, and as such, it’ll not be a bad idea to get it properly covered during winter. A simple glove can go a long way in doing the job of keeping your hand and fingers warm. They’ll also give you enough flexibility to handle the things you would have ordinarily handled without them.

    • Scarfs And Mufflers

    Think of all the parts of your skin where other clothes cannot reach, like neck and wrists. It’ll really be a nice idea getting additional pieces of clothing to cover those parts, and this is where scarfs and mufflers come into play. They are stylish and do not even need to match with other clothing pieces before you can wear them.

    • Grab The Right Socks And Shoes

    Of course your footwear can’t be dealt without in the real sense, but you often do not realize that they do more work than complement your dress. They help define your style, as well as provide warmth for the feet, which is a very sensitive area. Consider nice colored socks and comfortable boots to keep your feet warm, even in the most extremely weather conditions.

    Staying warm doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. It is actually easy to look your best during winter, as long as you know the right thing to wear.

Old Fashion Trends That Will Still Rock 2019

When it comes to fashion, then one has to always be on the lookout for fashion trends and changes. Fashion trends change all the time and to be honest if you are not savvy enough, you may get lost in all of it. We are counting days to the end of the year already and a lot of us are already nostalgic, however, we still have some expectations for the new year. For hundreds of fashion-savvy people around the world, a new year brings a whole lot of things in the fashion world, including; styles and fashion trends. The question has always been what decade do we expect to come back into vogue as the new year unravels itself, and the struggle has always been trying to keep up. Lots of questions begging to be answered, right? No need to stress yourself any further, we’ve compiled fee trends that we expect to come back in fashion trend 2019 so that you start getting ready to top your game.

Women’s Suite

We’ve seen the past few years reveal just how powerful women can be, and with a pressing demand for women to be increasingly empowered, we expect that the new year will be a time for a lot of boss chics. Well, at least, one thing will stand, the need to look like a real boss too. Women will begin to return to suits, and as the year continues, we expect to see increasing demand for this type of dress from corporate people and fashionistas as well. Women are looking for clothes that better reveals how confident they are, aren’t they? The suit readily plays this role perfectly for women fashion’s trends. Don’t be worried about being tacked menswear, suits are already more androgynous, and it will be ridiculous for anyone to still have such reason of thought. The red carpet is also going to see more of suits from women over the next 12 months, and we know the reason why already.

Jeans of Denim

Jeans are still very much around and guess what, they are still very fashionable, and with each passing year, we see designers doing new stuff and shocking us with new styles of rocking jeans. Denim Jeans are staples to any wardrobe, irrespective of what your fashion style is, but with denim-on-denim coming into the mix, we know for sure that next year is some time to watch out for. We expect to see a few celebrities do this and of course, followed in large by followers from all around the world. There’s a lot about this fashion that makes it really attractive. It’s not just about the distressed details or the light wash, but about the confidence it portrays. You are sure going to be seeing a lot of confidence in 2019 from both males and females. You can do yourself great before time, by getting a pair or two of this for yourself, and you’ll be happy you did.

Large Floral Prints

It’s time you begin accepting the role that large floral prints will play in modern fashion. Yes, it might seem somewhat outdated or you may look at it as being reserved for the closet of grannies, but all those are simply your own illusions and are in fact not valid again. The style is back and stronger, and will certainly rock 2019. The increased size and shape bring a modern touch to the floral prints and with its most recent designs, you are sure going to love the feel of it. They also easily combine with almost every other fashion pieces and can be worn both for casual and formal events, hence having them may really be the fashion break you need in the coming year.

French Riviera Style

French girl chic has always been a major hit in the fashion scene, but we expect it to become even better and stronger in the coming year. 2019 is going to be about French Riviera and nautical looks. We expect to see French-inspired styles like feminine detailing, subtle mariner stripes, and clean, minimalist lines make the warm weather looks better and brighter. It’s not going to be about the conventional, but about the special backdrop that the style brings for every other style to take full shape.

Ripped Jeans and T-shirts

2018 has seen ripped jeans gain popularity, with designers bringing different styles and looks to it, but we don’t expect it to just end this year. In fact, it will become bigger and better in 2019 and will become more acceptable, even among the older folks. Celebrities are bringing it more to the screen and this will influence the fashion style of a lot of people. When properly matched with a cool T-shirt, ripped jeans will bring the best out of your style, and yes, it will be a style to be rocked in 2019.

In 2019, fashion will not just be about the conventional. We expect to see a lot of seemingly forgotten styles resurrected. Stay prepared, and you’ll not be surprised by any of the fashion resurrections that you’ll see.

How to elegantly wear various versions of Jeans?

Denim Jeans is the name of the classic look of good quality, which always lives in fashion. We use jeans to wear on some special occasions every day. Learn how to wear jeans as a super moodle through our tips:

Black beauty

The best way to wear black skinny jeans is to wear it under leather jacket with boots such as Black Croppop and Serra Sampão. You can also select the jersey dress on top of the black skinny jeans with high waist. Put a golden color or some brightness on boots to make it attractive.

Double denim

Retro denim jacket with open-handed and Crop T-shirt looks more attractive with Danish Free Shutts. A yellowish brown color belt is different on shots. By wearing it your eyes look different.


To make your look glamorous, wear ripped jeans like Tiara Banks and wear white T-shirt under silver color jacket with shiny red pumps in feet.

Denim drama

Try Ashley Graham’s Jeans Style for some hot and lucrative fashion. Ashley Graham’s look looks amazing in a light colored skinny denim with the heels of sexy Deepak Dark Color offshooter Denim Croptup.

Comfortable Style

With the twilight, you can look stylish in the style of Candle Jenner. Under this, going out with Straight Legged Jeans, High Heel Bailey and Carry Pouch in the Waist.

Cool and Casual

Like the street style look of Carly Claus, show your style with a cute, casual and classical vibes by wearing a boot cut jeans tweed blazer and ballerina flats with a black tank top.

Sporty style

Mum jeans is a sporty look of Bella Hadid with a top, belt match with jacket, pair of stylish sneakes in cap and feet. Now you can also rock with this. Wear Black Goggles for a stylish look.

Classical chick

Wear skinny jeans with a sequenced top under trance coat like Miranda Karr. Take a big handbag with this and wear boots. Exit the house with style.

White Wonder

The white skinny jeans Adriana Lima’s look becomes attractive with the look of the opulent shawl, and you should also look like this. This is a perfect look for afternoon brunch time.

Various fashionable trendy Lipsticks

Usually, we pay attention to face make-up plus ignore the lipstick, which does not come to face and glow that should have come. While there is an important role in the makeup of lipstick. Simple lipstick also changes whole face color. So it is necessary to touch make-up to final lipstick.

Make-up Experts also believe that lipstick is a game changer. Even though we put it in end but it is a most vital and essential step, that works to change whole face color.

Nowadays there are many different types of lipsticks in market, which put different effects on face. So it depends on you which lipstick you should use according to lining and finishing.

Types of lipstick

Matt lipstick, long-lasting: Matt lipstick has different effects. Especially Matte Finnish Valavy Textures and better color output women like it.

This lipstick is particularly good for pigmented lipes. For this, heroes tell you which you can utilize heroes’ sleeping matte lipstick cloning.

Lip Cream Give Extra Moisture: Many times our lipes are dry due to change in weather, which is needed to provide moisturizer for lip and nothing good with lip cream for that. Because there is wax and high oil content in it, they work to provide LCs with Extra Moistur. It can make a lot of good by putting it daily.

For this, heroes suggest that you use dry cream lipstick with Sugar Never.

Smooth Touch from Lip Crayon: Who does not like Make-up Products? Lip crayons are very good in that because the texture of them is soft with one finely finite, but you can use them as a lip liner or even paint lip.

For this, We suggest that you can use Lakme Enrique lip crayon.

Get Glossy Lips from Glove Lips:

Where Glossy Lips looks good to look, there is also a significant role in enhancing outfits’ outfits. Nowadays, lip gloss in lipstick is on demand because it is where thin and small liposomes are seen in right size, while dry lip’s drawings are also removed. Because there is a lot of Buescher in this. Simultaneously, its semi-semicircle enhances the look of the Finnish gloss.

For this, We say that you use VAT en Wild Magistrate Lip gloss.

Liquid lipstick will last longer:

After applying glossy in your texture, you will give a matte or semi-matte finish and also have long hinges.

For this, heroes suggest which you apply heroic matte to liquefied lipstick.

Lip stain: It is in liquid and gel form, which lasts for long periods of drying quickly.

For this, the suggestion that you can use stan in which color bar can be used.

Lip liner with perfect shape:

Usually, we use lip-liner to give lipstick plus gloss to give perfect shape. New Age Makeup Lover Lip liner is also used to fill out two in forest i.e. outlines and fill them out.

For this, heroes say that you use Miss Claire True Color Controller Waterproof Lipliner.

Right to apply lipstick, we buy good shades of good, but still, they cannot get those gates on lip which should have been taken.

There is a need to apply lipstick properly. Of course, these things must be adopted for this.

As the facial expression is essential, so that the skin cells can be removed, in the same way for the lip so that the lip souf can be seen.

For this, the heroes say that first of all, apply Keco Milano Lip Scrub to Lips.

Lip Primer Lips are used to keep your shade for long periods of time and you would like to do the same.

For this, the heroes tell you to try NYX Professional Makeup Lip Primer.

Even after primer, if you got ping-manned lip, provide conciler to it.

According to heroes, you can use Innocent-Free Tapping Lip Concealer.

To give a perfect pout, your face is always ready for this, it is necessary to shape lip.

For this, heroes suggest that you get VAT en Wild Perfect Pip Lip Liner – Red the Scene.

Fashionable multi-color shirts for men

Who would one not want to look good when it comes to walking between light cold and drizzle scenes. Men’s fashion has also made such changes in this season, who, after adopting them as trends, can find a stylish look. Understand which fashion tips can be fashionable by changing men’s dressing style to trendy.

  1. Rainbow shirt with shorts:

    Bright and bold prints this season can try not only for girls but also for men. Instead of thick fabric in the monsoon, choose light fabrics and color. Avoid wearing too dark colors and the same color. In this season, wearing a T-shirt with multi-color shirts or stylish quotes is in trend.

  1. Trendy Accessories:

Variety of mobile cover, wallet and watch all these accessories is currently available in the market. Waterproof mobile covers and stylish zip pouches have been launched for the rain. In leather wallets, removable plastic layers are available in leather trends. These waterproof accessories save the problems of rain as well as provide a cool look.

  1. Rubber Sole Footwear:

Do not wear leather shoes in monsoon because of the weather, because leather shoes will look bad after dying in the rain and also damage your feet. The use of rubber sol footwear is best. Rubber loafers can also be tried, these days they are being carved with both casual and formal outfits.

  1. Water Replenent Jeans:

The most troubles in the rain occur when the jeans get wet plus it is very difficult to dry. While making this difficult, many fashion brands have launched Water Replenent Jeans. that only looks externally in rain. It is designed such that the water flows through its fabric. These days it is in trend.

  1. Waterproof Overcoat:

The overcoats considered to be the stylish wear of Men’s are also in this fashion in this season. Water Resistance Long Coat has been launched specifically for the monsoon. stylish look can be found in this light-colored stylish overcoat and trenchcote. It can also be caried in light cold even during the outing.

Fashionable Outfits for winter

Shopping for clothes has already begun with the winters. The simple cardigan is now out of the hot clothing shopping list. Especially girls are liking to experiment with warm clothes. Various changes are being made from Shrug to Panchu. Know about them …

New kind

Pocchu is always liked by women in the cold. The look that these smartphones look like are equally comfortable to wear. In these days many designs are being liked. V-Neck is a new trend in Ponchu, usually the round neck was used. Tasal Look is a traditional form. Suitable for light cold.

Prolonged curse trends with jeans

These days long choices are being made very much. Even in the cold, they can wear a long shrug and give themselves a new style. These shrug trench coats give impact on long boots on jeans. Among them, long and ninety-long shrugs are also very much liked. These are made especially for light winter.

Front open sweater i.e. Descent Look

It seems quite different and stylish with often worn cardigan. These front open sweaters are taller and have to be designed in the layer from the front. Most of these planes are preferred. They are quite light but too hot. Skin tight flashes with tight jeans.

Rap sweater for every occasion

Knitted rap sweaters are in fashion these days. These sweaters look good on the V-shaped neck. They are quite stylish in appearance. There are layers on the front side which give Chris-Cross look. This is a combination of sweaters, cardigan and pullover. They can be worn at all times.

Wool avatar of fall shrug

It is like a common shrug but seems completely different in design. It can also be called Fall Shrug or Pleated Shrug. The back is normal but the forward side is for this fold. It was beautiful in clothes, now its woolly incarnation has come in which the Modern Print is being liked very much.

Fashion tips for working women

Monsoon associations

Use monsoon accessories such as umbrellas, raincoats to protect yourself from being soaked. In this fresh and greenery season you choose Bright Shade’s Ambrella and Raincoat for yourself. Doing so will save you from rain and there will be no shortage of your views.

Smart Bottom-wear

Long trousers and skirts can be dirty in mud of rain. In such a way, call these clothes on your work place, follow the boy and ni-length formal skirts. Due to low length, they will not even fall in rain and will also give you a professional smart look.

Bright Colors

You can take advantage of Vibrant Colors such as Hot Pink, Florescent Yellow or Cherry Red, to add a season to this season. Avoid white color clothing in these two months of rain, because after getting wet in rain white clothes become transparent and can reduce your Confidence. Apart from colorful or jute hats, you can also make a different style.

Quotes and jackets

Be sure to use the jacket to make your dress in this season. It will give you a glossy and smart look, as well as a sense of warmth in coolness. Classic trench coat on your professional attire, where you will look stylish on one side, its waterproof layers will also save you from being soaked from inside.

Ethnic look

If you want to wear Indian oats, you can wear short kurti and leggings by avoiding salwar suits. It is difficult to handle dupattas in rain accompanied by wind, in such a situation, give an ethnic look to the scarves. Close the denim in this wardrobe for this season.

Smart handbags

Use only the water resistant material bags in this season. Use only gray, brown and black color purses to hide the rainstorm.

Right footwear

Do not take out leather shoes and sandals at all in this season as they dry out in a lot of time and become deteriorating even when wet. These days you should use open and comfortable footwear such as floaters, flats. Apart from this, wearing only fit sandals, because of wearing loose sandals, mud spots can fall on the feet.