Fashion tips for working women

Monsoon associations

Use monsoon accessories such as umbrellas, raincoats to protect yourself from being soaked. In this fresh and greenery season you choose Bright Shade’s Ambrella and Raincoat for yourself. Doing so will save you from rain and there will be no shortage of your views.

Smart Bottom-wear

Long trousers and skirts can be dirty in mud of rain. In such a way, call these clothes on your work place, follow the boy and ni-length formal skirts. Due to low length, they will not even fall in rain and will also give you a professional smart look.

Bright Colors

You can take advantage of Vibrant Colors such as Hot Pink, Florescent Yellow or Cherry Red, to add a season to this season. Avoid white color clothing in these two months of rain, because after getting wet in rain white clothes become transparent and can reduce your Confidence. Apart from colorful or jute hats, you can also make a different style.

Quotes and jackets

Be sure to use the jacket to make your dress in this season. It will give you a glossy and smart look, as well as a sense of warmth in coolness. Classic trench coat on your professional attire, where you will look stylish on one side, its waterproof layers will also save you from being soaked from inside.

Ethnic look

If you want to wear Indian oats, you can wear short kurti and leggings by avoiding salwar suits. It is difficult to handle dupattas in rain accompanied by wind, in such a situation, give an ethnic look to the scarves. Close the denim in this wardrobe for this season.

Smart handbags

Use only the water resistant material bags in this season. Use only gray, brown and black color purses to hide the rainstorm.

Right footwear

Do not take out leather shoes and sandals at all in this season as they dry out in a lot of time and become deteriorating even when wet. These days you should use open and comfortable footwear such as floaters, flats. Apart from this, wearing only fit sandals, because of wearing loose sandals, mud spots can fall on the feet.

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