Finding Your Face Shape

Who knew that eyewear could make such a difference? But, it does. If you wear glasses, choosing the right frame for your face shape can show you in a strong light or just an obscure one. What type of face do you have?

Find Out Your Shape


There are actually seven of them: square, round, oval, oblong, diamond, triangle base side down and triangle base side up. Let’s review them.


Square: This face has pretty even dimensions all around. The face is just as wide as it is long. There is a strong forehead and an angular jaw. Your frame choice will soften the angles of the face and give it a rounder look.

Round: A round face is similar to square except it has no lines – just curves. It is actually quite full all over. You want frames that will make the face appear thinner and longer.

Oval: This is the desired face shape (if we all had a choice) because the entire face is in balanced proportions. The ideal frames will not change the perception of those proportions in any way.

Oblong: The face is longer than it is wide. The nose may actually be long as well. The idea for frames is to make the face appear shorter and wider.

Diamond: The face is narrow at the forehead and the chin with very high cheek bones. Frame choices will highlight the eyes and soften the angles of the chin, while minimizing the cheek bones.

Triangle base side down: This face is narrow at the eyes but wider at the jaw. Frames need to accent the eyes and add depth to the upper half of the face, while minimizing the jaw line.

Triangle base side up: Just the opposite of the one above, the face is narrow and angular at the chin but wider across the forehead and eyes. The idea for frames is to draw the attention to the lower half of the face while softening and minimizing the upper part.

Now that you know what shape your face is likely to be, here are a few tips about matching the frame to your face. This can save you the trouble of trying on every pair of glasses in the store to find the right one. You can narrow down your choices from the start.

* Choose colors that accent your eyes. They are the windows to the soul and the focus of your face. If you have blue eyes, consider a pair of blue frames.

* Choose a size for frames that is appropriate to your face. Don’t think of the little school boy who has glasses as big as window frames. Proportion is important if you want your eyewear to accentuate your personality.

* Contrast your frame shape with your facial shape. Round glasses on a round face just make it look, well, more round. Frames need to enhance, not detract.

Now it’s time to shop. You’ve zeroed in on your face shape and have a few tips on choosing frames.

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