In scientific spirituality, there is a co-ordination of scientific life-terms and spiritual life values. There is no place for prejudices, idiots and deceptive beliefs in scientific life. Here, logic, justified, honest, objective and truthful inquiries are respected. Not only the results of the experimental processes are considered to be authentic. In the formulas, the scientist gets the importance of discrimination compared to the traditions in terms of life. The Sages of Vedas proclaim this as ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

This truth of scientific life vision – spiritual life is fulfilled by meeting the refined sensation of values. The refined sensation is the pure source, so that all virtues are born and produce. Where there is lack of sophisticated sensation, there will also be a lack of virtues. Many times misconceptions of truth and sensation are considered as anti. Those who consider them as anti-people say that they are opposed to science and spirituality. While true and sensory-like contradictions are not complementary to science and spirituality. Truth creates sensitivity to conscientiousness and sensation makes the truth fidelity to the truth – life loyalty.

The continuity of the experiments of scientific spirituality makes life realistic and sensitive. By this it becomes a skilled adjustment and equilibrium of the scientific talent and sense of saints in humans. If the society is wide enough, then society will not be stubborn and insistent towards particular religion, specialty and sect. Here, all the virtues of the entire world and all the superiorities of all sects will be easily respected. All the consequences of the experiments of scientific spirituality will be the prestige of spiritual humanism in society. Yugarishi Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya interviewed the same truth in the form of a light lamp in the form of eclipse, on the summit of his consciousness. This unique revolution is going to give a bright look to the future of Deep era.

The land of the Himalayas, with the shadow of the white peaks and Saraswati, the land allotted to it was superhuman. Gorgeous crocodile did, and like a careful watchman, he used to bind his mind after seeing the lines of trees. The natural sheet of velvet grass was laid on the ground. At the place of place, flowers were fluttering flowers by hanging flowers. There was a dense forest nearby, from which the roar of Vanraj was heard. At the convention site, musk deer was roaming the torque and distributed its fragrance. This entire event was taking place in the penance of Ambirasa. These complete scenes were part of this. He organized this for a deeper discussion on the scientific research of sages.

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