Sunglasses Trends For Spring

When you wear sunglasses you want to be noticed for being in fashion. Just like prescription eye-wear, sunglasses can make a statement about you without saying a word.

Sunglasses give you a chance to sport your style. We all need them because they protect our delicate eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. So why not look stylish in the process? Know the trends so you will be today’s headline instead of yesterday’s news.

Styles in Sunglasses This Year

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Cat eyes have it: The cat eye look that was popular in the 50s and 60s is back. You can make a statement in so many ways. If you want to look famous, try the oversized look with decorative temple accents. You can also try lighter lenses and bolder colored frames, even two-toned frames that are wider and more oblong than the typical cat eye glasses. To go one even further, try the small round lenses with bold frame accents. Look demure, wild, or even innocent by playing around with shapes and colors.

Round glasses: You can’t go wrong with small, round lenses. It is the classic look. Vary the type of temple and frame accents to get just the right look for your face.

Sporty sunglasses: Everyone wants to look like they were a born sportsman. Whether you are sunning on the beach or on a boat, look the part with these frames. In the sport line, go for a sleeker look that catches the eye. Since bold color is the order of the day, experiment with something other than black as your signature look.

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Gradient hues: You know the glasses. They were smoky looking at the top but gradually got lighter at the bottom. But you don’t have to wear the big, round frames of the 70s to pull off this look. Gradient hues look good at a professional event or when having fun in the sun. As far as sunglass fashion goes, they are considered on the conservative side.

Contrasting colors: Just because you are wearing sunglasses doesn’t mean you have to look like a member of MIB. Experiment with different colors for lenses and frames. Try bold-colored frames with lighter colored lenses. Or, switch it around and try dark lenses with dazzling bejeweled frames. Play with it to discover the style you want to portray.

Change shape: These are sunglasses we are talking about. You can stick with the oblong or rectangular frames or step out of the box and go for heart-shape frames or more angular asymmetric shapes.

Show your attitude. Let your other side come through in the sunglasses you choose to wear during spring and summer this year.

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